A plan, of, not a side project!

moving-up Aug 6, 2019

I am both a dark matter developer which consist of 99% of the developers in the world, as well as in the top 1%. That's because "I can't be seen", in terms of my activity in social media and developer community. I am just a 404. At the same time, I play with the latest technology, use them at work and for personal projects. It's time to pick aside.

This might be like one of the side projects - that never see the light 💡 of reality. However, I am going to give it a try for the first time. I would like to become active in the community, especially in .NET Community. Let me tell you how I plan to do this.

Start writing something

Let me be clear, I mean it when I say something. Being not a famous person gives me an advantage of writing anything on the internet (= my site). Almost nobody will see it! However, by doing so, I get the satisfaction of doing something that all of the influencers do.

Why something, why not use tech stuff? - I don't like to promise on anything, that limits my ability to pursue this. It's like "I need to survive" as opposed to "I need to get rich". My activity on the social network and developer community since I left my country was zero. So moving up to one will be an achievement for me.

Again, there is no pressure whatsoever. I love my job, it keeps me suitably busy - just like I sometimes pick and do some un-natural things for me - I am choosing this. Not promising how often I will post - let's pick a reasonable number. At least once per week.

Attend meetups

I have recently created an account in meetup.com and joined some developer groups (hits: most of them are .NET related, some golang). I look for interesting meetups and I am going to go on one soon 🤞. Unsurprisingly, I am planning to write about that experience.

That is unless something comes up! the last one I registered for - I had to abort because something happened for the first time in a long time. Let's see if I can make it this one.

Engage more at work

I will try to host brown-bags at work to share some experiences, technologies I am using. I've got requests from my colleagues at my current company - that gives me some confidence that nobody will eat me alive. That's because

  1. They are supposed to eat their lunch and listen to the talk (that's why it's called brown-bag)
  2. They are some of the friendliest people I've worked with 🤞

Am I missing anything?

Let it be missing, I feel it's already too much.


Years of complete isolation since moving to a new country made an introverted person like me somewhat of an deepintrovert. It's time to do some experiments on that 💪 I repeat "experiment"!

To follow my journey of the changes 👉 #moving-up

Mohammad Mustakim Ali

I'm a Software Engineer living in London, UK. My passion is to make *very fast* software with great user experience and I have just got little better on this than I was yesterday.